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Sexual Kinks

17. December 2019msdredaktion

A great way to bring some variety to your bedroom is to explore your sexual kinks. Unfortunately, many couples only discover after a long time that they enjoy similar sexual fantasies and kinky practices. In most cases, men and women don’t talk about their sexual kinks at all. This is a shame, as there is a variety of different fantasies and ways to play that might turn you on as well. Some of the more common sexual kinks are:

  • Cuckolding
  • BDSM
  • Daddy Relationships
  • Role Play
  • Foot Fetishism
Sexual Kinks
Sexual Kinks

You have probably heard most of these expressions before, but we will look at a few of them to reveal what is actually behind them.

Sexual kinks – what is cuckolding?

Sexual kinks - what is cuckolding?
Sexual kinks – what is cuckolding?

As bizarre as it may sound, cuckolding has actually been around for a long time. Cheating men who have several secret affairs and mistresses are old news for us, sure. But what about men who actively indulge in their female partners sleeping around? That’s right. Cuckolding describes the sexual fetish of allowing the female partner to have sex with other men. In some (but not all) cases, the woman even humiliates her boyfriend or husband with the fact that she has sex with other men. This is often a special turn-on for the cuckold, making this one of the more unusual sexual kinks.

Sexual kinks – spice up your relationship with some role play

Compared to cuckolding, role play probably sounds way more familiar to you. The idea of sleeping with a doctor, subordinate, boss, police officer or pretty much any other profession where there is a distinct power imbalance in the relationship is a hot sexual fantasy for many men and women. The great thing about role play is that you can try it out with anyone and anywhere. You just need a bit of imagination and be comfortable with dirty talk. No wonder that role play is one of the top sexual kinks on our list.

Sexual kinks - spice up your relationship with some role play
Sexual kinks – spice up your relationship with some role play

Why daddy relationships are one of the most common sexual kinks for young women

Daddy relationships should not be confused with role play as such. While you could easily get the idea that daddy relationships are about acting out an age difference, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, daddies are usually not only older, they also support their sugar babies financially. Sugar babies certainly benefit from the monthly allowance and the expensive gifts they receive from their daddies, but many of them also simply enjoy being with an older man sexually. They love the idea of having sex with a self-confident guy they can call daddy. For this reason, daddy relationships could also be considered one of the steamy sexual kinks related to relationships.

We will look at more sexual kinks in one of the upcoming issues – what is yours?

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